Lola, oh Lola how you continue to make me fat. Let me start by saying Lola is part of the notorious Tom Douglas fam. If you don't know who Tom Douglas is, he's one of the big guys in the 206 area. You'll hear his name a lot 'round here and that's because homie owns a shit ton of popular restaurants. In fact, right across the street from Lola he has Serious Pie, Dahlia Lounge, and Dahlia's Bakery, all of which are very reputable places. 

But let's not get side tracked from the star of the show today, which is Lola. She sits at the corner of Virginia St and 4th ave, under Hotel Ă„ndra kind of tucked away if you aren't really looking for it. For sure you won't miss the big ass wavy canopy of the Hotel though, and Lola shares the same lobby as them so you'll get there eventually. After waiting in line for 20 minutes, you'll finally look at the menu. When you look at the menu you'll think, "Damn Chris, you rich as f*ck." And to that i would say "LOL I wish bruh!" There's a built in 20% gratuity, which means tip is already included. It also means everything on the menu appears slightly more expensive. 

Let's talk about doughnuts for a minute, or rather beignets. Because real talk, these are the fluffiest sugar pillows you'll ever have on your tongue. They are made to order, so you know they're good. When you do order them, the waitress will come out with this white bag like she's going day drinking at the local park, and then she'll start violently shaking it like the bag owes her money. Turns out there's sugar and cinnamon in the bag and she's just coating the freshly fried doughnuts. Who knew? She'll serve them with the one of the lightest mascarpone cheeses (but really it has the texture of a slightly dense whipped cream) and some seasonal jam. Ours was cranberry. Not the biggest fan of cranberry, but that didn't detract from my love of their doughnuts. Try it, you won't regret it. 


My friend didn't want to be in the photo so I took some creative license to remove her from the panorama. I thought, well if I'm in Photoshop anyways, might as well add a few speech bubbles. It more or less sums up the atmosphere inside. I overheard the waitress apologize for that kid's food coming out late and the waitress was nice enough to put his order on the house. Just an example of their baller service.  


And now let's get on to why I actually came here. The beignets can whet your appetite, but the Eggs Benedict is the real deal. Super rich and thick Hollandaise sauce, just as it should be. The sauce should be rich enough to dissuade you from ever trying to make that God forsaken sauce yourself. If you don't know, hollandaise sauce is emulsified butter and egg yolk, and is as fickle and temperamental as your crazy ex. Under the sauce is perfectly poached eggs, that oozes out yolk when you go for the first cut with your knife. Under that is a multilayered bavarian meats ham pile, with just the right saltiness to bring out the richness of the sauce, and thick enough to prevent the English muffin from getting soggy. If you can't eat pork, they can substitute it for salmon also. But why wouldn't you eat pork? The plate also comes with some smashed potatoes. I would consider myself a pretty big eater, and even then I couldn't fully demolish that plate of food. Yes the plate was $20, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Treat. yo. self.